Having a great shoot and getting your best pictures is as simple as Who, What, When, Where, and How!

Some people just naturally take great pictures.  The rest of us have to work at it!  Here is a simple formula to ensure you get the best pictures possible at your photo shoot!



Your choice of photographer is probably the single most important factor when trying to get the best pictures.  A good photographer can guide you along your journey–giving suggestions to make the most of the moment.  An experienced photographer that knows what he/she is doing can make you more beautiful than you could imagine (Just you reading this blog is a step in the right direction when it comes to choosing your photographer lol)


To turn an ordinary photograph into art, it has to look right.  What you wear can make or break your photoshoot!  The colors need to be coordinated in a way that compliments the background (or other individuals), yet stands out with enough contrast and detail to make the picture “pop”.  Depending on the look and feel you are going for, the way you dress can drastically affect the appearance of your pictures.  Consult and coordinate with your photographer before your shoot and plan something spectacular!


Not just the season or time of year, but the very time of day can make a significant impact on the look of your photos.  Depending on the feel you want, the best time to shoot is either very early in the morning at sunrise, or late in the evening at sunset.  Photographers call this “The Golden Hour” (I call it “PrimeTime”), and it is the time of day you will get your best pictures.  The sun is not blazingly bright, casting shadows everywhere, giving you a nice, smooth, solidly-colored picture with a perfectly natural tone.  These are usually the first spots to go in your photographer’s appointment book, however, so be sure to book your shoot well in-advance so that you will be able to get the best time.


Location, Location, Location!! Where you are shooting determines what is seen in the background (obviously)–so your style and the way you are dressed should be complimented by a nice background.  If you are doing inside studio sessions with digital backgrounds, you actually get to choose the way you want it to look, but inside sessions are usually much more expensive than on-location shoots.  Your photographer should be able to suggest a nice location to go with your style (and color) of dress.


Don’t just stand there! Do something! You can have all of the above factors down to a science and the pose can kill the entire shoot!  One of the most difficult things to do when taking pictures is getting the pose right.  The average person just doesn’t know how (It’s not like you stand in a mirror all day doing the Vogue)! But don’t worry–your photographer will help you strike the right pose at the right time.  Of course, it’s always good to practice…